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If you are aware of how good Bitdefender works to keep your data safe from hackers and breaches, you might want to follow my guide to buying a package from bitdefender that makes the most of your purchase. The site is always running a discount on specific offers.

They have currently a back-to-school discount running at as much as a 50% on its Total Security 2019 program while there is a 42% discount running on their Anti-virus program. To make a smart move, you need to understand the needs of your situation. If you want parental control and have multiple devices running in the house, Bitdefender Total Security 2019 is the option for you. There are two versions of that, one dedicated to Windows PCs that caters 3 PCs in one package. The other one features protection for five devices altogether devoted to Windows, iOS, and Androids.
The choice is up to you now. If you have young ones in the house and want to keep them browsing safe on the internet along with keeping your data secure, you want to opt for the version catering to five devices. If it has to do with office computers and stuff, the Total Protection 2019 that protects up to three computers is your way to go. Lastly, in case you are looking for some safety on the internet from viruses and don't have personal data as such saved on your computer, the Anti-Virus is probably the most feasible option. I would also like to stress on waiting for the right time to shop. Since the sale options keep changing, aid for the right time when you see what you are in need of is on sale. That is the right time to strike!
There is another way to double dip on the savings. I came across this cool site giving away free coupons at CouponPut.com. They have stacked up cards that will save you a right amount for most online shopping sites including bitdefender. Make sure you get your coupon code before you shop!
About Bitdefender:
Bitdefender is one of the few companies who deliver security when it comes to sensitive data and protection from viruses over the internet. With 15 years of experience, the company takes the lead in protecting systems for more than 11 billion security queries per day! On top of that, I find the company to have the most reasonable packages that are easy on the pocket and last you a feasible duration.

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