20% Off Dog Days of Summer Sale at Build.com

Build.com is running an all-time low 20% sale on its entire store and I was just in time to secure me some coupon codes at Couponput.com. For someone like myself- a housekeeper, my house matters to me. I look after it daily. I make sure every faucet is running well, ever light bulb is glowing to perfection and every little knick knack is right where I need it. My home is close to my heart and I make a good investment on it every now and then. You ask why? Well it is because it is the place I unwind at and the place I find my mind’s peace at, that’s why! Now can you blame me for looking after something that can do all that for me?! The visuals matter to me and I like keeping my house looking top notch all year round. With the savings I put aside for the house, this was just the right time for me to make the most of it by purchasing some quality items from build.com. They were running a sale and had just what I needed.


The kitchen faucet I bought previously has been functioning well throughout the years but I really had been eyeing the new ones I see all across the stores with the modern single lever design featuring a separate soap dispenser. I was thrilled to see exactly what I needed at Build.com, that too at a 20% discount. I have been a previous customer there and I have to admit, their products are pretty neat. As I was shopping for the faucet, I thought to myself that what the heck, why not just buy the whole unit since my kitchen sink what showing some signs of deterioration lately. The edges were showing some minute cracks and the scratches of washing over the years were giving away a “lacking luster” feel. I figured I will have to buy a sink sooner or later so why not buy it now when something as chic is on discount?

The other items I purchased were some lighting fixtures for my boundary wall outside. The rain and hail has taken its toll on the old ones and the rust had started to show on the last ones. I can say I am pretty pleased with pricing at build.com compared to what most stores at the malls have here. Build.com is actually featuring better designs than the ones I have come across my locality. I’d definitely recommend.