Ralph Lauren Offer Up to 50% Off

Ok wait! It’s the biggest time of the year and it’s not even Christmas yet! IT IS BIGGER! Fashion’s ultimate God- Ralph Lauren is running a 50% Sale on selected items! I got my coupons at Couponput.com and tried my luck at them and boy did it save me half the cost! I was thrilled! Is it every day that you can get actual Designer Couture at half the price?? I THINK NOT! I mean I’m talking genuine suede, 100% wool, hand knitted sweaters and oh the cuts, the styles and the luxury attached to it!! The name speaks for itself! I endorse Ralph Lauren’s motto to the fullest when he says, “Women should not look like costumes. They should look like victims of Fashion.” and yes indeed, do I wanna look just like that! I am tired of spending scores and scores on mass-manufactured, low quality crap that could only fool a child. I am so one with those! With designer names like Ralph Lauren, there is certain luxury tag attached to it and I do agree, not all of us can afford that. As working class citizens, we have to stay under a budget but it is times like this when even brands like Ralph Lauren get affordable. Let me make it clear that the clothes are for a sophisticated audience and you won’t obviously go skateboarding in a $900 jacket now would you. The clothes I bought are exclusively for safer venues like my office and to brunches and dinner parties.

Ralph Lauren

With the audiences growing more sophisticated than ever, I feel like the local retailers need to get out of their comfort zone with the ultimate goal of making five tops out of the same “meter” of fabric and calling it a day. The age old tactics of saving on quality and exploiting what they got to the fullest has landed them into a very “irrelevant” spot. Consumers are not way past the recession-era caution and their lust for quality and so not quantity is back with a revenge. For the ones who are done with super market retailers and so want to make an actual “investment” into their appearance that will last them a lifetime, Ralph Lauren is the place for you. With the genuine high-end stuff at a sale, I am pretty pleased with what I bought and even after I spent almost $4000 of my hard earned money there, I still don’t get the sick “what did I do” feeling in my stomach. Let me tell you that was the feeling I would get at spending a mere $200 elsewhere!