Overstock.com Offers Seasonal Clearance Sales & Deals

With Labor Day approaching fast, Overstock.com was kind enough to run a limited time up to 70% discount on all of their stock! Not only that, they even have some coupons available at couponput.com that will help you save some more like it did for me! The sale was right on schedule with my recent obsession with revamping my home and what better to opt for then the top quality items available at Overstock.com. It almost sounded too good to be true for me…I mean, original wooden chairs a pair, at $200? Are they for real?? Turns out they really are! With their outdoor furniture speaking a dream to me, I went all out on buying me a set of a patio table and stools for the deck I built last year and it had been looking deserted ever since- thanks to the sky rocketing prices everywhere else. The spin-the-wheel option is an interesting feature. With furniture getting as heavy with the shipment costs, I was blessed with luck with my spin-the-wheel option that landed me on free shipment. I couldn’t have asked for more! I also bought a rug that blended well with my living room. The discount applied to that one too! The quality is decent and just what I need with my toddler running around the house spilling juice and what not! I needed a rug that could be washed with a suction vacuum and this one is just made for that! It has strong fibers that don’t budge at all even after you brush it down with soap.Overstock.com

The other purchases I made were of a couple of personal items. My wife’s birthday is just around the corner and I decided to live up to the promise I made to her of adding on a wedding band to her ring when I have it in my budget. I thought to myself, if not now than when? The diamond ring was also, to my surprise on sale. Some might not call it a wise decision since diamonds need an eye for detail but to my utter convenience, their magnified three dimensional image option was quite accommodating. It gives you a clear image of the jewelry you are shopping for and the quality was exactly what I saw in the image. I fished a good bargain on that one too. I am waiting on this month’s cheque to cash in so I go on shopping for a mattress as well. I’m praying free shipping on the spin-the-wheel option again! Fingers crossed!