Buy Shoes & Accessories at DressBarn

Dressbarn just got better than ever and I was just in time to fetch me some shoes and accessories right on time! You guessed it right! Dressbarn is running a sale and all you have to do is get your coupons at! I love me some discounts and why not when it is Dressbarn? As a regular customer over the years, this brand has never failed me, be it style, quality or the overall wow factor- Dressbarn has got it all. The items in stock there that befit my style savvy to the core is their unique pieces of meat called shoes! I love their shoes. They are unique in style and are made with top quality craftsmanship and fabric. They are comfortable as ever and last you a lifetime. It is strange how good every shoe I bought from them holds its shape so well. I have been wearing the same pair of wellingtons since five years now they look perfectly new. I also own some chic stilettos that are quite comfortable for the 6 inches and I seem to never have a problem with them… Apart from the innate talent I have vested in my feet that can glide on heels all night long, I would definitely give them the credit for the pain I surprisingly don’t feel even if I wear those stilettos for a good few hours. With the sale going on, I figured this was just the right time for me to buy me a few more pairs. I bought me some winter goodness this time since the cooler months are just around the corner. A pair of their Gilly Ruched Wedge Bootie is a must-have.  The other pair I bought was their Sammy Criss Cross Heel because why not? LOL


As much as I needed shoes, there is something about the things you don’t really need but you still buy just for the bling value it gives away. The ever captivating bling goodness called jewelry and with delectable pieces, had to get my hands on a few. There is something about the cool winter months and chrome silver jewelry. They both are meant to be together! The way chrome necklaces shine against a solid black sweater or any other statement dark color is just class at its finest. With their statement necklaces put together in the most delicate and barely there settings, I could not resist. I would definitely urge you guys to check them till the sale lasts!