Girls Shoes Under $30 from

It doesn’t get any better than this! is on a whopping 50% sale and even has coupons available at! Do you know what that means?? It means genuine crocs for under $30. I could not believe what I saw on screen! have earned their name to be the go-to brand for comfort and cuteness combined in one for quality footwear since decades now. With that being said, the brand seems to be rather generous for selling their high on demand items for prices this low!

With my savvy for discounts, I had to give in this season to buy me a pair that will last me literally years and years to come. The last ones have been lasting me quite well while I bought those almost three years ago. I wear them most of the time…Even when I cooking in my kitchen, I find myself wearing my crocs over my cotton slippers. The medicated sole saves me the foot aches you get for standing too long in one spot. It gives me a weird therapeutic feeling in my feet. It’s like the more you walk around in them, the better your feet will feel! THAT my friends, is the power of a medicated sole. This is why I recommend anyone following my blog to pay their website a visit. The deals are only gonna last a limited time so it’s a first-come first-buy kinda situation there. Coupon

It’s rather a rare event to have medicated items go this low on the prices. I even bought my mom a pair and have it saved as a birthday present for her. She always had sore feet issues and has been diagnosed with osteoporosis lately. I hear her complaining a lot about her not being able to walk much because of how nothing suits her feet well enough. I can wait to gift her those next week on her birthday! The amazing part is, crocs aid prevent Achilles tendon bursitis- a disease of the feet where the bone at the heel starts growing outwards causing immense discomfort and pain. The treatments available involve painful injections inserted in the inflamed bone or even surgery. They say prevention is always better than cure and this time around, prevention is at a discount coming with a coupon code! The bright colors spice up a plain outfit in a second and give a summery casual vibe to even a pair of skinny jeans. I have been using them on days out at the beach, on grocery shopping trips, to the mall and even to work! This is what call value for money! I’m all game, are you?