Kids Clothes & Baby Clothes $10 Off at The Children’s Place

Having a family of three kids has been a joy I can never be thankful enough for and I do cherish every bit of it! My most favorite part is to dress my three little ones in seasonal clothing and photograph them for keepsakes! This time around, I went shopping for my three little ones at The Children’s Place! With the coupons I found at, life became so much easier this summer since I got a better discount at clothes that I was even planning for! With the 10% off already, it got as better as it can get! As much as I love watching my toddler play around the green grass in bright colors, I am still a sucker for the all-white angelic dresses. My 8 year old is always into pinks while my 10 year old boy likes to dress in quarter pants and plain Tees that don’t make him look like a mommy’s boy but a rather, skater punk! Well at The Children’s Place, I had my likes and my children’s likes all aligned together (a rare combo), in several outfits that I was pleased to buy!

The Childrens Place

I bought 3 cotton dresses in whites for my 6 month old baby who is already trying to get on her two little feet.  I love the soft fabric and the pretty frills stitched on dresses. The fabric has maintained its dignity through several washes and look as good as new. I went all aboard and bought 4 bright colored summer dressed that kept my baby cool and breezy throughout the summer. The dresses are neatly stitched with decent cuts. I even bought matching sandals for her that paired like a breeze with the bright colors. Most of all, it brings a smile to her own little face whenever she sees her reflection in the mirror!


My boy shopped for himself there and bought 5 pairs of quarter pants that have him looking like a sporty young man already. The 4 T shirts he bought were also a wise choice. I approve! He loves a few graphic Tees and went all aboard shopping on some skull prints and dark slogans. It’s all good for me till the fabric quality is impeccable. At the amazingly low prices with the discounts and coupons, I was a little in doubt about the quality of the clothes at the very first sight had me relieved.


My 8 year old opted for some pink T shirts with a denim skirt and 3 pairs of cotton pants. Everything that arrived had me impressed and had me waiting on their autumn line. Now that they have that one launched too with the discount and the coupons available yet again, I recommend you give it a try as well!