The Children’s Place Free Shipping No minimum Required

Autumn is in the air and that means my little ones are gonna need some new clothes ASAP! I have been a rather regular shopper at The Children’s Place over the years. I like their easy selections and simple, yet appealing designs. Quality is decent, prices are reasonable and there is something for every persona out there, if you know what I mean, as they grow older, they grow a fashion sense, they have their priorities, they wanna look different and as cute as it may sound, it does get a little over the top for a single parent like me in the long run. With school days always on the run, you can never have enough of clothes and no matter how fast you do your children’s laundry, I always end up shopping for more so it is easier for the kids and for myself. The dreadful “What should I wear mom?” at each 6 am is always a pain in the neck so I try my best to avoid a situation as such.

The Children’s Place

With basic necessities like Tees and shoes running crazy high, I’m always looking for cheaper deals somehow. But hold on, that certainly does not mean I have to compromise on quality. What I CAN certainly and with immense pleasure compromise on is “Free Shipping”!! THAT IS RIGHT! With the Children’s Place Running a free shipping policy this season, I was relieved to a whole another level this time around. It doesn’t seem fair how you have to pay a good few extra dollars to have your stuff delivered to you that you already paid for. Sometimes, the clothes don’t fit right and you have to return for the right size and that means paying the shipment costs all over again which kills away the ease of shopping online. It only sounds fair to me if the business endures the costs of shipment rather than the customer’s tiny pocket. With the free coupons I found at, my purchases saved me a whopping $60!

The sale lasts for a limited time so for all the working mothers out there, this is your time to act! All you have to do is log on to their website. Don’t forgot to do some double dipping with the coupon codes. It will only save you money and who doesn’t want that? LOL! The Children’s Place has gained a loyal customer this season, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know!