Free Shipping on Orders over $49

Do you like free shipping? Do you like a discount? Well if you do, is just the right place for you! I got my free shipping coupon at that gave me free standard shipping for orders up to $49! If you are like me, I want free shipping all year round. Like twice the payment gets a bit too much on my nerves! Why should I pay for shipping when I already paid for the product? What is the use of online shopping when they make you pay twice; once for the product and once again for the shipment? Doesn’t that kill the joy in online shopping? It does for me at least. While free shipment all year round is a farfetched fantasy for my delusional self, it at least came half true at With the coupon code I got, I was saved a good amount of money. Let’s just say I can buy two of what I bought with the money I saved on free shipping. The best part if, it is not just the shipping that is free, and it is also how the site is running a sale on most of its stock! Do you know what that means? It means a double-dipping with the savings sauce! Free Shipping

With their prices running as low as $49, I was astounded! I’m talking beautiful Italian designs of ceramic-wear as low as $49 and it gets shipped to you for free! I landed myself on a bathroom sink I really thought would suit my minimalist taste. I love a neat white bathroom and had mine renovated just with that. I want simplicity that speaks “modernity”. The motifs and the colors are all a bit too much for me and you never know how soon they will run out on style. With my choice always restraint to contemporary style, was just the place for me. The other offers they have on sale are pretty cool too but I recommend you utilize the free shipment with something bulky that takes full advantage of the weight capacity provided in the “standard shipment’ range. Don’t go on buying something that is far under the weight capacity. Save that purchase for when you know the shipment I coming out of your own pocket. With their offer on a time limit, I would urge you to log onto their website as soon as you can!