Best Denim Skirts for You form Buckle

Denim is back with a bang! Oh wait…it actually never left! That’s right. Denim-wear can NEVER run out of style and Buckle knows that too well. With their store dedicating an entire section to denim-wear, I could have not imagined them taking denim wear to a whole another level with their chic miniskirts! I LOVED!! Not just that, I was all the more thrilled to see them selling those amazing skirts on a sale! Not only are the designs so unique and trendy, they are actually being generous enough to have as much as a 30% sale on their amazing denim skirts! I found my coupon at and let me tell you, it was bliss! With my fashion vibes all for denim all year round, I was searching for denim skirts since the beginning of the year! Ever since the birth of Mikaela Banes and her car scene, denim skirts have been all the rage and I seem to never get enough of them! At Buckle, I found new reason why! First of all, they are not selling something that looks different in the picture an when you put it on, you see how bad it actually looks on you and so not like Megan Fox. They have the real deal. The skirts have top notch stitching to it and the cuts are made in a way it fits the wait perfectly. The special thing about denim is that it pairs well with almost every sort of top and is wearable all year round. With the mini-skirts at denim, you might be thinking what good are minis at this time of the year since autumn winds are already sifting all across the town… Well for those in doubt, I can assure you that if you pair denim skirts the right way, you will be pretty much sporting the best winter/autumn look ever! Here’s how I wear miniskirts in winters; I always put on a high neck or a full sleeved knitted top or sweater. For the legs, I put on some trendy knitted stockings or just regular opaque ones. I even have a couple of long coats to give away the luxury feel. For someone like me who wants comfort and style, I find my soft spot in denim skirts quite easily. I love wearing them with opaque stocking and a pair of sneakers OR put on a pair of stilettos and a long overcoat for a night out at the movies! You should try your looks and let me know about it!