Bed Bath and Beyond Offer Personalized Wedding Gifts for the Entire

It is the wedding season Bed Bath & Beyond is just in time to run their special offers for those tying the knots! As a wedding planner, I have to keep a check on something like that! I got my coupons at and believe me, it works wonders! With the special offers they are running with their personalized gifts and on their entire bridal party collection, this was EPIC! Working for clients who always want their special day to be beyond their expectations is hard…The kind of expectations the bride and groom have from their wedding planner put someone like myself into a really vulnerable spot with off the shelf items. I can check out with the best collection of champagne bottles and table settings but will that do the same for the bride? You never know! My only way out is to dish out a whole line of table settings and themes and even music and let the bride and groom themselves decide on what they want for their special day. Besides, it is always nice to have a dynamic approach towards something like a wedding. Obviously, a wedding has a lot to do with feelings, emotions and memories- be it the dress, the lighting or the food…Weddings cannot be played with. I find it ridiculous when people dealing in wedding accessories and knick knacks have just one standard item to choose from. This will NEVER work for me and I’m sure it is a turn off to everyone else indulging in wedding shopping. Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond, they at least opened the gateways to a “personalization” option in their weddings segment. From the color of the champagne bottles all the way to the table settings, it can all be personalized! I had an especially happy couple when I served them with the option of personalized champagne glasses with their wedding date and names featured on the goblets! They could not contain themselves with that idea!

Bed Bath and Beyond

You might be wondering what Bed Bath & Beyond has got to do with wedding planning. Well it is easier. What people buy as wedding presents is what comes in handy at a wedding. I like the idea of cashing in on options like that when you can buy something at a discount since my job deals with these things. I like getting myself stocked with a good variety of things that have to do with weddings. Besides, Bed Bath & Beyond has got a little something for everyone, doesn’t it?