Banggood Flash Deals

It is the perfect time of the year for campers like myself and I am already all set with my second camping experience since the start of August! The air smells fresh and breezy, the temperatures are just right and the slight drizzles call me to the wilds all the more. Just right when I needed it, I landed myself on Flash Deals at banggood searching for some camping gear. I needed a good few things this time around since they were giving away coupons at, I could not resist. I shopped for the most important thing of all, a tent. My old one ripped to shreds since y last experience. After using and abusing the poor thing for seven whole years, I finally decided to put her to rest and get me a new one. I have got to admit has some pretty sweet camping tents selling. The quality is resilient combat rain, wind and eve claws! The setup is quite easy for someone like me who knows his way around things. For the rookies out there, the instruction manual will work just as good for you.


The price factor out-did itself for me. The Flash Deal had me paying less than half the amount for the tent and the other things I bought. I figured since it is already costing me a lot cheaper than it would elsewhere, why not go all out on it! I bought me an outdoor bag pack too for just $16. For the tiny price I paid, I got say the quality is quite alright. With outdoor bags and gear, style and color are the least bit of my concerns. I need it to be spacious, lightweight and resilient. Check, check and check! The $16 bag gets 5 stars on those factors for me. It has plenty of compartments to keep my stuff organized, is literally weightless, zips are sewed on to a nice stitch that won’t rip and the waterproof canvas is something you can count on at all times.


My last purchase was a pair of cargo cotton shorts. I figured since I like the pockets and the style of it, might as well buy it to take full advantage of the shipment I’m paying. I can say I landed a good deal with everything I bought there. I ended up literally living in those pants since they are so comfortable. I’d recommend you guys secure yourself some quality equipment fast at banggood.