Buy One Get One 50% Off American Eagle Jeans, Joggers & Shorts

American Eagle Outfitters out-did it self this fall and I’m not joking when I say that. The brand is acing at sales and yet, throws a Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer AND runs a 50% OFF on its jeans, joggers and shorts??!! I had to give in! I secured my coupons at the minute I had a glance at the sale items. I love the brand since the beginning. Has that rugged appeal to its clothing. Keeps you looking casual and neat along with the boohoo-vibes going on? The ragged jackets were BOMB. I had to get my hand on those and I did! That is what I opted for my buy-one-get-one offer! I got the jackets in 2 pairs and both look fab. It was a relief to see how American Eagle Outfitters is investing some real efforts in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. With most brands selling clothing in the same price range, you won’t even see them offering last year’s trends, let alone the next years. The compromise on quality AND on style. This is what bugs me off. If not quality than please give me some style factor! Is that too much to ask for?

American Eagle

With American Eagle running a sale on most of its stock, I was doubting they would have anything real being offered at a price that low…But to my utter surprise, I was relieved to see they had some pretty decent items on sale. I decided on two pairs of jeans. One with a worn-out look almost pulling off the three-quarters pants air. The other one was sporting a skinny look in the picture. I was in doubt if it will be comfortable to put on and yes, it so is! It just slips right on my legs and I don’t have to bust a nail to get it pulled up each time like with most other skinny denims. I also bought myself some cool denim sneakers! These are the latest fashion savvy and take me back right in the 80s when denim was everything. DON’T JUDGE. I love the way the stuff arrived. All neatly packaged, smelling fresh and clean. I saw this because most of the time, stock on sale arrives looking like it suffered a train wreck. There are some pretty big name with shady practices like that and I would like you guys to beware of the. With American Eagle Outfitters, that was certainly not the case!