Aliexpress Flash Deals for August 2018

Quality products are surprisingly no longer reserved for the ones with fat wallets and designer stilettos. Times are changing! With online shopping gaining notoriety over conventional strolls down the mall, I think it’s safe to say convenience overrides exclusivity. With that being said, what better a name could I suggest that serves convenience better than itself!


With the biggest global retail marketplace acing at a long chain of productions from furniture to even contact lenses, has nailed it to the core with its cheap prices and quality products. That added along with the convenience of customers availing their products right at their doorstep, anywhere and anytime, had it avail a pass for me at least. I decided to give this virtual giant a try this season for the first time and boy did it pacify my hunger for quality and quantity…IT SURE DID!  

I ordered a bunch of products. What caught my eye was a Studio Wheeled Makeup Trolley that can be charged! This clever piece of storage unit is so durable and convenient, I could not believe my luck for what I had to spend on it, i.e., and $40!  The organizing compartments keep all my knick knacks well organized while the ginormous mirror and the bright lights around it lit up my face for precision and detail- of course I’m guilty of the social media circus when it comes to makeup! The solid aluminum body of the case ensures safety of your delicate products, something I can use when I’m travelling.

My remaining list included a hair curling tong, lingerie and some make up brushes. I won’t hold back to claim out loud everything I ordered so far from has satisfied me to the core. Their latest Discount Flash Deals make it even better. I am now planning to order a pair of sneakers from their catchy line and a pair of denims. I’m even all game to order me a good camera for decent pictures for the makeup looks I like doing for my bog. goes super cheap of electronics. With autumn in the air already, I might venture into the world of coats and boots. With this particular, you can’t find a limit to their products. I even suggested my sister some of their baby cots they have for her little one on the way.

I can’t speak for the people at large but me for one am quite happy with what I bought at  My friend even ordered some eye shadow palettes from them and I must say, I have been salty ever since cut I bought some similar stuff 3 times the price at Ulta! NEVER AGAIN! I am a sucker for quality and quantity, are you? I’m sure you are!