99Designs Review and Coupons

Building a business is hard. The creative aspect of it is even harder. Thanks to the cyber world of online freelancers and graphics designers, much has been simplified.  You no longer have to hire a full-time graphics designer working at your premises which will cost you ten times more than what someone on 99Designs would. That’s right! 99Designs.com, the fastest growing website that connects more than a million top freelance designers all across the globe, with businesses and entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone who is looking for creativity and originality.

Their criteria are simple: they got no borders nor preference; anyone can reach out with whatever sort of a business, anywhere anytime. With a user website, they commence working on your project right away after a few easy steps to registration. It is a relief how they have integrated actual professional graphics designer that deliver what they promise, giving life to ideas and building brands overnight. The designers work on customary designs, taking account of your preferences while contributing unique ideas that will cost you a fortune elsewhere.


Their recent price drop has been all the rave. They have promo code options now that will save you a fat discount if you are hiring them anytime soon. I don’t like putting a price tag on art and creativity but it’s all a matter of money when you are running a business. What’s more is that they introduce you to a huge range of talented people through their “Start a Contest” option. You can brief what you are looking for and the designers working for 99Designs will submit their ideas to you. You can then choose your favorite logo or design and work with the designer that appealed to you. This feature is in particular very helpful for a fresher. It will hint you on what to expect and if it is close to what you are looking for because let’s be real, tastes vary and it’s better to have a trial version of something first than to make a fuss on someone’s handwork later.

If you are serious about the visual aspect of your brand, I would suggest 99Designs any day. It is one thing to opt for them because of the coupon code strategy that saves you a good amount, but even the creativity aspect of the site had me coming back for more. I started with a logo design, came back for business card designs and ended up hiring them once again for my company’s website. If you are looking for some top-notch designs to let your brand stand out from the rest, 99Designs is your way to go.