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Virus threats to a computer are a nuisance that I just cannot afford. With most of my work based on a computer, an anti-virus program is almost lifeblood to my job. I have had my fair share of encounters with viruses wreaking havoc to my system from breaching confidential data, driving me to several emergency trips to the bank in order to change my card details all the way to even losing my email account. If you are someone who has suffered a virus attack, you will know what I am talking about.

AVG Coupon

With the rise in data security programs selling like edibles, it gets hard to decide which one to even opt for since they do require a hefty amount to pay along with the yearly or even monthly subscriptions. This is where I can help you. I landed myself on a site called couponput.com and availed coupon codes that lowered the cost of the AVG to almost a half! The AVG software I downloaded works great so far. It guarantees complete security from data theft, hacking and virus attacks. The scan keeps running on a timely basis and does not hinder the computer’s performance the least bit. The first scan detected a few problems in my computer that were slowing down the processing speed and quite cleverly, the software itself took the appropriate action to rectify the problem. I see great improvement in the running of my computer now. I literally had to do nothing while the program cleared away everything I didn’t even know it was supposed to do. I was busy working out my spreadsheets data and the program kept running in the back without bothering my work at all.

The discount offer is great. I have tried a couple of other anti-virus shields in the past that have casted me twice the amount that I paid for this one and with the complexity that came with those, I would not recommend those ones. I come from a background of computers and technology and with the programs I had to deal with in the past, it got quite complex even for me. You have to do everything rather manually since most other AVG are not user friendly. That inn itself is a turnoff. Not everyone can work their way around a complex software and will only end up wasting money and risking sensitive data. With AVG, it all gets done with just a click. I would reckon you get the discounted price now!