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Is it your mom’s birthday and you are too busy studying abroad you can’t buy her flowers this year?! Oh well, Mama will have to understand this time…But wait, why the long face? Don’t be so low! We’ve got just the solution for you! Now don’t jump to conclusions…I won’t be suggesting a

flying dove to deliver roses to your mom, I’ve got better ways!

My sister lives abroad and has been going through a really tough time lately and since it was her birthday coming up this week, I had to make it special. I wanted to let her know that no distances can combat my love for her and that I’ve always got her back no matter where she’s at! What better way could I think of doing that but through sending her flowers on her special day! was my savior at this! It took me barely 5 minutes to place an order with them and they took it from there.

I was amazed at the careful selections of gift items they had…From keepsakes to rare monkey orchid, they have it all. I opted for the bunch of fresh plump roses – her favorite, along with a Waterford Crystal Rose that is something had me in awe. This was all carefully packaged and shipped right at her door step and had her tearing with joy when she saw the glass rose.

1800flowers is not kidding when they claim of having the most unique selection of gifting items. From Swarovski encrusted delicate pendants to gourmet meals, every product featured is worth considering and something you won’t really find every day at the mall. With their exclusive deals going on behind the curtains with big names such as Swarovski and Michel Design, is running a smart strategy of attracting more and more customers by selling major items at a discount if you shop at their site rather than from the brand itself. YES PLEASE!

My sister sent me a picture of the beautiful package that arrived at her door. It really gave away the feel of being wrapped and sent by someone with love…As if I had wrapped it myself! So quality; check! Uniqueness; check! Good service; check! AND discounted prices?! It doesn’t get any better than this. I made sure my sister got what she deserved, a token of my love for her in the form of a beautiful glass rose, what bout yours?